Hello world!

Recently, I’ve been spending more and more time in our design department. Rewrite, edit, proofread. That’s what they need me for. See, Zara, our UI/UX designer, was struggling with sample content for our new website templates.

“Lorem ipsum” wouldn’t work because we wanted our templates to look as authentic as possible; we wanted users to understand what this or that block was designed for.

So the designers took on the responsibility to generate content as well, and needed some help from the content team with editing and rewriting.

But it somehow seemed wrong to me that this type of work took so much time from the designers. And then once, when Zara asked for a sample testimonial, I saw her generating the name of the client with an online tool.

That’s when I remembered how I once heard about website content generators that can compose articles. And if generating articles is a thing, any kind of content must work this way. So why spend all the time and do it manually? We decided to try some generators, and here’s what we found out.

Online tools can generate any type of content for you. It’s just you can’t be sure about the quality before you try.

So, what is a content generator?

It’s software that allows you to create content automatically without having to put in creative work. There are numerous types of content generators and you can get nearly any type of content with them.